Friday, February 18, 2011

Featured Etsy Seller- Hopscotch Dandelions ♥

This time our featured Etsy seller is the very talented Amanda from Hopscotch Dandelions.  I had the great pleasure of learning a little bit about Amanda this week!
 Amanda is a young lady who lives with her family in Southern California in a western kind of town where there are horse trails instead of side walks, and as many horses as there are people. Seriously, this sounds like my DREAM town and I now want to go there!
 Amanda has been making things all of her life, and enjoyes baking, sewing, and painting. All through high school she was in art classes learning to paint, and she does beautiful work! She has painted protraits, but her favorite thing to paint is lettering. She says, "It's completely stress free, and I love seeing the final result."
Here is a painting she did of her sister barrel racing!

 She paints beautiful signs on reclaimed wood, like the one below.

And sewing? Amanda does a beautiful job with that too! 

And she makes aprons too!

And being someone who loves vintage things, I love the fact that she has some really neat ones in her shop! Like this 1970's Metal Green Woodgrain Box.

I absolutely LOVE Amanda's Etsy shop, as well as her blog, which can be found here. Her blog and shop have some great photography ( love that banner!), which Amanda says she learned some about when she took some photography lessons and learned film and darkroom skills. One day she would love to have her own darkroom!

You can find Amanda on Facebook here:

On Etsy here:

And on her blog here:

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Amanda and her shop as much as I have! Have a great evening!


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