Friday, July 15, 2011

The Attack of the Giant Summer Squash!

This year Josh and I are growing our garden at his parent's house down the road. Since the garden isn't right in our back yard I don't get out there as much as I should. Enter very productive squash plants, and you have a very LARGE squash problem. Thank goodness I only planted a couple of them!! Look at the size of the one on the right! It was about 18 inches long!

Here it is compared to a NORMAL sized one. =) 

Now, I love yellow squash, and so does Josh, but you can't eat squash every day right? 

I was envisioning the terrible waste of throwing away my beautiful squashes when my dear friend told me that she had frozen hers before and it came out slightly watery but still yummy! Saved! My freezer is now full of squash slices. ;)

I love my garden. =)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Product Review- Noella Beauty Works' Natural Mineral Makeup!

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while.... sorry. Forgive me?

Ok, well a while ago I did a feature post for this awesome shop, Noella Beauty Works, and now I'm back to tell you that I tried her all natural makeup, and it is AMAZING. I'm not much of a makeup girl, but when I do wear makeup I want it to feel good, look good, not harm my skin, and stay nice for hours. This stuff does all of those things. When I wear it I completely forget I have it on it feels so natural!

Most of what I have bought from Jackie so far is eyeshadow. The colors are gorgeous!
Here I'm wearing Heron-  a matte color that is one of my favorites!

This is Blue Spruce. I'm not really into dark colors, but done right this one is really nice!

Ok, I look really pale here of some reason, but I love this color. It's Buttercup. It has a beautiful sheen to it without being sparkly. =)

Another of my favorites- Pink Smoke! This has a little more sparkle to it.

I also have Sleepy Blue....

 Smokey Plum....

 and Nude.... 

..... all of which are GORGEOUS! 

Since I loved the eyeshadows so much, I decided to try her all natural mineral foundation powder. I got samples of the Light and Medium Light shades, and for now I'm sticking with Light. Maybe as summer goes on and I get more tanned I'll need the Medium Light.

Here's a before and after without makeup and with it. 

Here I'm wearing Light foundation powder and Rose Gold eyeshadow (and some cheapo lipstick from Wal-Mart, haha)