Monday, April 11, 2011

Green Tea & Rose Facial Soap and Koffee Kitchen Soap!

This week I will be adding my new Facial Soaps to the shop! =) The first ones available will be Green Tea & Rose. I made a lovely tea of green tea, organic rose buds, and organic jasmine, chamomile and lavender buds to serve as the water base for this soap. With added honey, and organic essential oils of Palma Rosa, and Sweet Orange, it has a lovely light sweet scent, and is gently cleansing, healing and nourishing for your skin. Green Tea & Rose facial soap is an olive oil based soap. Olive oil is one of the best oils for your face. It is moisturizing, but can still be used on oily skin because of it's unique balancing qualities. I have a friend that cleared up bad acne by cleansing her face with straight olive oil! I've also added organic Jojoba oil, which is very close in makeup to our skins own natural oils, which makes it another great balancing oil.

The tea for my Green Tea & Rose soap steeping in the sun. =)

All together this soap is wonderful for your skin. I use it, and after washing my face I never have the same dry feeling that I usually have after using regular soap. My skin feels fresh and clean, and my complexion is clear.
 Keep an eye out for this soap! I haven't been able to take pictures yet due to a lack of sunny days, but I will be getting them this week Lord willing! =)

In other news... The Koffee Kitchen bar is back! =) The new batch is finally ready for use! Click the picture below to go check it out.

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