Saturday, May 14, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We've had tons of rain the last few weeks! I can't say that we've enjoyed it, but we're certainly better off than the many people who have had to deal with Tornados, overflowing rivers, and feet of rain. My heart goes out to those people. We've been blessed to be spared all of that!

What all of this rain has brought for us is rapidly growing plants, beautiful flowers, and lovely greening trees. Here's a few pictures of the early spring flowers around our house! =)

I love these red and white variegated ones! =)

These are some flower plants that are just now coming up. They're Lupines, which I've never grown before, but the flowers are lovely so I'm looking forward to them!

My husband Josh and I went for a walk a few days ago, and I took this picture of a neat little shack about a mile and half from our house.

I hope you've enjoyed these! I'm sorry I've been way from my blog for a while! I'll try and get back to updating more regularly this week! Have a great rest of the weekend! =)


  1. Beautiful flowers! That little shack in the woods makes an amazing photo!

  2. Wow! Those are beautiful tulips! The deer have already eaten ours so it's fun to see that you still have them! Enjoy!

  3. I love all your flowers. The red and white tulip is doubly neat because when the one you gave me opened up, it was yellow inside!!

  4. Your flowers are lovely. Amazing how much life comes back into nature after lots of rain (but not too much!!!) I love the fresh smell it leaves. Love your post.