Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Featured Etsy Seller- Winchester Lambourne ♥

Well, a week or so ago I was on Etsy, posting in forums and checking out shops, when I came across this shop!  I was immediately impressed with how professional her designs looked! I also noticed she is running a sale in which all of her services are only $10.00!! This impressed me even more, so I decided to have her make me a more professional looking banner. Here is what she came up with!

I am VERY pleased with it!! Next I hope to get her to make me a blog header, but I have to make some more sales first. :-) She was SO friendly and easy to work with!!

Be sure to check her out! She does custom labels, Etsy banners, blog banners, stickers, gift certificates, business cards- and everything is still $10.00! That is a limited time sale though, and it's for a SECRET amount of time. :-)

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