Saturday, March 26, 2011

Featured Etsy Seller ~ JessiGPhotography

I love finding these great shops and sharing them with you! It's so much fun!!! =) Today's featured seller is JessiGPhotography, and she has some really lovely fine art photographs!

Here is my interview with Jessica! =)

Tell us a little about yourself:
I'm a mom to my beautiful 7 month old daughter. A wife to an amazing husband. I live in Florida and if I'm not playing with my daughter or have my camera in my hand, I'm blogging.

And your shop:
My shop is my photography. You'll probably find many black and white prints because that's what I'm drawn to. I love the mood and emotions that a great black and white piece of art can give you. I do keep a variety of prints in my shop though, some vintage inspired, macro, and beautiful color. 

What is the inspiration behind your photography?
My daughter is my inspiration. I've been into photography for a long time, but about 5 months before she was born in 2010, I got more serious about it. I'm glad I did, it keeps me busy, if she doesn't. 

Besides photography, what are your favorite things to do?
I am a very spritiual person and that comes first. After that, I love being with my family and look forward to the weekend to have my husband home. I blog everyday, except for the weekends because that's family time. I am always looking for new ways to promote and market my photography to get it out there. Of course, I'm a beach, tan, hanging with friends, enjoying a nice fruity drink by the pool {even though I'd rather be on a cruise} kind of girl. 

Where else can we find you besides on Etsy?
You can find me on my blog:
My business blog:

Any random fun fact you'd like to share? 
I love to sing and dance and I really enjoy housework, if I'm alone. I can turn my ipod up and sing and dance around. A clean house always feels nice. I try to be supermom and am starting to realize I can't be lol

Aren't her photographs awesome! I especially like the black and white! =) Go ahead and check out the rest of her shop! =) 

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  1. Beautiful photography! Thanks for linking up last week! I hope to see another of your posts this week! :)