Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Decoration ~ What's Your Style?

Yesterday on Facebook one of the ladies who's business I am a fan of asked, "When looking for items for your home, what are you MOST attracted to?"

This got me thinking, because I love decorating (though you probably couldn't tell by looking at my house!) So I decided to share a few pictures of items that I LOVE from Etsy! :-)

I think this bench would be awesome in an entryway or mudroom! 

And this table would look great in fromt of picture windows in my (future) sunny kitchen! :-)

I love this sign because it's hand painted on rustic reclaimed wood, and I think I'd like to have a ranch some day. :-) 

This picture, aside from being a lot like what I'd love our yard to look like, is a bright beautiful picture that would be awesome in any room! 

This beautiful TV stand is a great living room piece! 

I really love the look of this wall pocket! It makes great wall art!

This watering can and planter (both of which I would use as planters) are just beautiful! I'd love to dress up my deck with them! I love the delicate ferns painted on them!

This barn wood coffee table is awesome. What a beautiful addition to a country home! :-)

And before I go, here's a couple photographs I found of rooms that I LOVE. 

This is the PERFECT country bathroom!

I love the fireplace, the beams on the ceiling, and the flooring in this room!

Ok that's enough pictures for one day! :-) As you can see, I'm pretty old fashioned. Now I ask you, what's YOUR style?


  1. I loved perusing through your pictures today and dreaming. Especially the bathroom. When we do the remodel I want it to look exactly like that, tee, hee!

  2. Oh goodness, I am in love with that last picture!

    I love the whole cabin, wilderness, country, and mountain style. I love deer and wood and homes that look like they belong in Colorado.

    But my absolute FAVE is the Shabby Chic style (In case you couldn't guess by my username!)

  3. My style is pretty much in tune with your style!

    Thanks so much for including our TV stand. We are honored. :)

  4. The country bathroom pic is definitely my favorite!

  5. Although I'm huge fan of the willow furniture & wild flowers as well!

  6. Oh yeah I love willow furniture!

  7. Okay my friend, maybe moving next door to you isn't such a good idea. Because then we'd porbably go shopping together, and since we have the same basic style, we would probably fight over beautiful, one of a kind pieces that our homes just can't live without. And our frienship just doesn't need that stress. Heheh. ;)