Monday, January 17, 2011

What do YOU think? ♥

Good morning everyone!
 So, I just made this new batch of soap. It is called Kelp & Lime, and it has a loofah sponge slice in each bar! I am really happy with how it turned out! Now, the only thing I am wondering about is that some of the bars have a gap in them where the soap didn't get inside the loofah completely. Each bar is still between 2 and 3 ounces, and I think it makes the bars look unique and cool. What do YOU think?

 And here is a sneak peek at the beginnings of my new organic massage oil ~ Warm Vanilla Silk!

It'll be similar to the massage oil I have in my shop here , except it'll be a lovely smooth Vanilla & Cinnamon & Sweet Orange scent! 

 Today I'm planning on making a manly batch of soap! :-) What are you doing today?


  1. It does look unique! but would it cause the bars to cave in when using them or is the loofah strong enough? That'd be my only concern. They certainly turned out neat though!

  2. That's really neat, Britt. You're very creative! :-) But what is loofah?

  3. Thank you both! Rach, Loofah is a kind of gourd that has a sponge-like inside. You dry the gourd, then soak it in water so that the skin peels off, and you have sponge! ;-)
    As for the bars caving in, I'm pretty sure that the sponge is stiff enough to prevent that. Loofah's are much stiffer than your average sponge. I have a VERY thin slice of this soap by my kitchen sink to try it out, and even though it's only 1/4 in thick it is still stiff enough to retain it's shape, and it's not harsh on my hands either!

  4. That's perfect then! I'm more used to those nylon puffy bath sponges. Loofah knockoffs lol! Awesome idea!

  5. I didn't know that. Well hey, I guess you learn something new everyday. :-)

  6. That is the most beautiful bar of soap I've EVER seen! Totally rocks and so earthy looking :) I would love to know how it holds up - looks like it would be fine though.


  7. I love the vibe of your blog! I am so happy you let me found you on Etsy Forum! :-)))

    I am grabbing your button and I will be a regular visitor!

    Hope you will step by:

    All the best!

  8. Hello,
    I only found your blog recently, but i love it and this soap looks wonderful! I think its even nicer that it didn't fill the loofah completely :D it looks wonderful!!
    I am awarding you the stylish blogger award!
    To pick it up there are a couple of things you need to do -check out my blog post